Our clients and our employees are the body and soul of our organisation. Their opinions and recommendations shape our organisation in the present and the future.

Please find detailed below a few testimonials from our clients. They are as follows:

Mr A Khan

“Greenwich Tax Advisors has been my accountants for many years and I must say I have been impressed with their quality and consistency. I would definitely recommend to anybody who needs an accountant to hire Greenwich Tax Advisors for their relevant requirements.”

Super Fry Chicken Ltd

“We are a simple company with simple requirements. However one of my pet hates is talking to a different person every day and explaining the same question over and over again. It was such a relief being provided with a dedicated partner who would look after all I my needs from A to Z.”

Mr B Thishimpuki

“Excellent service provided by an excellent team. They do not provide you with lots of jargon but instead provide you with facts and steps to resolve them. Unfortunately I run a mock with H M Revenue & Customs and didn’t know what to do. Luckily I was recommended to Greenwich Tax Advisors who immediately diagnosed the problem and solved the issue with minimum fuss or delays. What can I say apart from recommending Greenwich Tax Advisors to become your next accountant.”

Mr J Edwards

“As my business grew from a small start-up at home to a million pound company I was provided with sound tax advice which kept my tax liabilities to a minimum. However they are far from being a traditional firm. In addition to providing me with sound tax advice. They also provided business advice which helped greatly in improving efficiency and the service I provide to my clients.”